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Oval Classes

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  • Mardave Ministock 1/12 Scale Model
  • Mardave Hot-Rod 1/12 Scale Model

Oval Club Meetings are generally relaxed concerning rules. See below for recommendations. We race both Mardave Hot-Rods (V12 Worlds, and V12 VRX - Advanced Drivers) and the cheaper more basic Mardave Ministock (V12RS) cars (recommended for beginners). Both come in 12th scale form kits which can be assembled.

The ministocks are the best place to start, and can be obtained very cheaply through the club, or from a number of stockists available on Mardaves Official website. Oval racing was one of the earliest form's of R/C racing, and has remained very much an entrance to the sport, whilst also providing thrills without the cost. Just because the cars are simple, does not mean they do not require skill and preparation from the driver to get the best out of them on the track.

There are two basic classes:

The cars are very tough, and take the knocks and bangs of both the track, and beginners homing their driving skills. Parts are cheap (when breakages do occur), so costs are kept down.

The club allows and recommends the following:

Other Oval Classes

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